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Although your business might struggle to pay for office or workshop rentals, you can trust us to deliver our services at a price to suit your budget. We understand the dynamics of small to medium businesses and the importance of a healthy relationship with SARS. We follow the strict guidelines of code of conduct and ethical practices applicable to our industry. Furthermore, we are aware of the perception by many small firms that tax practitioners costs are too much for SMEs. Fortunately and thankfully, that notion is far from the truth. We have therefore put in place packages for SMEs that will help them grow and attain the ratings that they need through compliance.

Once SARS has registered tax practitioners it will no doubt commence drafting the legislation governing the regulation of tax practitioners in South Africa. More importantly, that legislation will no doubt prescribe the rules of professional conduct that tax practitioners must adhere to in order to be registered – SAICA




Goshen Capital Partners tax services | Tax returns Randburg

  • In assisting with tax returns in Randburg, we register all forms of tax
  • Preparing and filing Income Tax returns
  • Preparation of and filing of PAYE returns
  • Preparing and filing VAT returns
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Tax returns Randburg | Individual tax returns

Anyone earning a taxable salary, exceeding the basic exemption limit has to compulsorily file ITR even if the tax liability was reduced to zero post deductions. Only those who earn up to or less than the basic exemption limit need not file tax returns

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